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Fish Company Taco

Fish Company Taco

fish company taco

Fish Company Taco

4.8 Rating · $ · Seafood
1914 23rd St
Galveston, TX 77550
(409) 220-3245

Opened in the summer of 2018, this place is more than fish tacos.

Chef Daya has made a splash in the Galveston dining scene. Fish Company Taco is open for lunch only and very often sells out early. Her original creations are decided daily based on what is available fresh.

From the fish to the vegetables, chef is all about creating inspired dishes using only the finest and freshest ingredients available THAT DAY. Open from 11:30am until they run out so you want to get there early.

Some of Chef Daya’s creations include:
Fried Snapper Po’ Banh Mi, Blue Crab claw & grilled Amberjack Sinigang, North African spiced Spinach & Feta Couscous with grilled Gulf Shrimp…and if you are lucky enough to catch it you enjoy some of the best gumbo this side of Louisiana!

You can check out their facebook page daily to see what’s on the menu for the day.

Video Transcript:
hey i want to tell you about a great
restaurant that i went to recently in galveston texas
it’s called the fish company and it is
basically fish tacos that’s probably one of their
specialties so when i went there
i had the baja tacos and then i had the
vietnamese tacos and both the tacos were
freaking awesome but i have to say
for me i really really love the
vietnamese tacos
they were incredible but they have a
real citrusy taste really fresh
the fish was awesome
also i recommend the brussels sprouts
they have these brussels sprouts that they cook
and they cook them in like a an apple it’s
kind of hard to explain but they’re like
they they uh saute these apples and um
kind of pickle them and they include
those in the brussels sprouts and it’s amazing it’s
kind of sweet but loved it and then they also had a
ceviche dish that i did not get but um i did see
it and it looked awesome so here’s the video of what uh you know the
the place the the fish company and then
also some of the stuff that that i ordered so
enjoy again it’s in galveston it’s uh in the
old part of town so if you go towards the uh downtown the
old downtown historic area you’ll see it uh the
address is on the video that you’re going to see
here in a minute so highly recommend it five stars

Fish Company Taco Reviews

“The unique flavors and friendly service round out a great experience.”

“Wonderful experience, plentiful food, affordable, gulf-to-table place.”

“Fresh fish tacos with tasty seasonal vegetables”


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