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Galveston Ferry Webcam

Did you know? You can view the Galveston Ferry webcam right at the landing where cars drive on and off the ferry boat. Here are the intersections where the cameras are located.

galveston ferry webcam map
Galveston Ferry webcam locations

The Galveston-Bolivar Ferry

Ferry Landing Live View
Galveston Ferry Webcam looking South at traffic in the waiting line.

One of the most popular questions about the ferry is the wait time, the time it takes from entering the line of cars going toward the ferry landing until you actual board the ferry. When the ferry is active, it can take more than an hour in the line of ferry traffic.

Galveston webcams are located all over the island and hosted mostly by our local tourism folks. But the ferry video cameras are run by TxDOT, similar to Houston Transtar cameras seen throughout the city and gulf areas.

During the summer, the waiting line can fill Ferry Road all the way up to other edge of the island. That’s a long wait. It can take even longer when there are events or holidays in the mix.



So what’s the best way to determine when you should get to the ferry, and how long it will take before you are onboard?

Houston-Transtar has made it a bit easier by placing a series of cameras along the route on Ferry Road, from the ferry landing all the way back to Harborside Drive, which is a total of a mile or so.

It’s not uncommon to be backed up that far on the busiest of days.

Galveston Ferry Webcam at Tarpon Avenue​

galveston ferry webcam tarpon ave
The live video camera from the intersection of Ferry Rd and Tarpon Avenue, half mile from the ferry.

The webcam at Tarpon Ave is facing southward. This view is about a half mile from the main ferry video camera.

If no traffic is seen on this webcam, you are in luck. Hurry and get to the ferry and get in line!

Galveston Ferry Webcam at Dolphin Avenue

Ferry Webcam at Dolphin Ave
At Ferry Rd and Dolphin Ave, about 1/2 mile from the ferry landing.

The webcam situated at Ferry Road and Dolphin Aenue is facing north, just before the Mobile gas station on the right.

This location is slightly less than a mile away from the ferry landing.

Galveston Ferry Webcam at Harborside Drive

Galveston Ferry Webcam at Harborside
Galveston Ferry Webcam at Harborside and Ferry Rd. If this view is full, a long wait is ahead.

The street webcam at installed at Ferry Road and Harborside is a mile away from the ferry entrance. The camera view is positioned toward the north.

In a live view of this traffic webcam, if you see a line full of cars, you should stop for snacks and make sure your mobile devices are fully charged. You are in for a long wait in your car, bring your distractions and your patience!

Bolivar Ferry Webcam

The line to board the ferry from Bolivar Peninsula can back up over a mile on busy days. You can take a look at the wait times on the Twitter feed and check out the live view of Bolivar Ferry Webcam here.

Galveston Ferry Details

The Galveston Bolivar Ferry runs throughout the day, around the clock 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

On the busiest days they run up to 4 boats simultaneously but the usual crew is two boats with a departure from each landing around every 30 minutes.

At night, one ferry runs every hour or so.

You can also take a look at the waiting time that the ferry reports by visiting their Twitter feed. They are good about keeping it updated, especially during the busiest of times.

  If you do find yourself stuck in traffic for a while, you could always watch a live webcam and see what’s going on in other parts of the island as you wait for the ferry. Did you know you can watch a live video feed on the Port of Galveston cruise webcam? It’s fun to watch when the crews are changing out or replenishing a ship for the next sailing. Hopefully your wait for the ferry won’t be too long, just be sure to take a look a the ferry webcams before you venture out for the day! For real time live views of the ferry web cams, go here.
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