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Galveston Ferry

Galveston Ferry

Catch current and live updates for the Galveston Ferry schedule and wait times.

The Galveston Ferry runs between Galveston Island and Bolivar Peninsula. The trips crosses Galveston Bay on an approximate two mile run and takes about a half hour depending whether and other marine traffic.

Many times throughout the year, the wait time to board the ferry boat is longer than the ride itself.

You can always check the wait times before committing to waiting in line for the ferry. Check online using the Galveston Ferry Webcam or check out the Ferry Twitter feed.

The Galveston ferry wait time is anywhere between 15 minutes to over an hour during the busiest times of year.

To determine the wait time for the Galveston to Bolivar ferry,  Twitter always has wait times on the official Galveston Ferry twitter feed, as noted above.

Galveston Ferry Aerial Map

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