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Galveston Golf Cart Registration




galveston golf cart registration

Galveston Golf Cart Registration

As the popularity of getting around on a golf cart increases, the idea of owning your own golf cart is appealing for many reasons.

You can choose from a gas cart or electric cart with anywhere from four to eight seats. You can even customize your cart to make it uniquely your own.

One thing you need to be sure to do is familiarize yourself with the city of Galveston golf cart rules and be sure to properly submit your Galveston golf cart registration form.

The City of Galveston requires that you know and understand the local regulations for operating a golf cart on local streets, before you can register your golf cart. Here are the pertinent regulations below.


Galveston Golf Cart Operation Regulations

Section 34-207. Operation Regulations. (a)

- All drivers must be licensed to operate a motor vehicle as provided by Texas Transportation Code,§521.021, as amended and carry a valid driver's license as provided by Texas Transportation Code, § 521.025.
- All drivers of golf carts shall abide by all traffic regulations applicable to vehicular traffic whenusing the authorized streets and parking areas of the City.
- Golf carts shall not be operated on sidewalks at any time.(d)The authorized driver of a golf cart operating the cart on a street (as  can cross an excluded street where the speed limit is greater than 35 miles per hour but otherwise may not operate a golf cart onsuch any excluded street or road.
- Golf carts are prohibited from pulling trailers, boats, jet skis, other objects or people on public streetsand the right of way.
- Driver and Passengers shall (1) Be limited to limited to the seating capacity as designed by the manufacturer(2)  Be seated at all times while the cart is in motion.
- Drivers shall maintain financial responsibility as required for other passenger vehicles in the TexasTransportation Code, §601.051 

Section 34-208. Penalties. Any person who violates the terms of this ordinance shall be penalized as follows:

-- In addition to traffic violations for which the owner or driver of the golf cart may be subject to pursuant to state law, the violation of Article IX of Section 34 are unlawful and a misdemeanor offense punishable as follows:a.Violations of Section 34-203 shall be punishable by a fine not exceeding fifty dollars($50.00). Each day a violation continues shall constitute a separate offense. 
-- Violations of Sections 34-207(e) or  34-207(f) shall be punishable by a fine not exceeding two hundred dollars ($200.00

How To Register A Golf Cart In Galveston

Register your cart with the Galveston Police Department Records Division. You can mail your or present your application form to the Police Department. The cost is $25.

  • Make checks payable to The City of Galveston
  • Mail or present to:
    Galveston Police Department
    Attention: Records Division / Golf Cart Registration
    601 54th ST, Suite 200
    Galveston Texas, 77551
  • Enclose a copy or bring your Drivers License
  • Enclose a copy or bring your Motor Vehicle Insurance for your golf cart
  • If mailing, include a note with address where receipt and sticker can be mailed
  • In person you should call ahead to confirm hours, generally hours are M-F 8am to 5pm at the Records Window
  To register by mail, download the official application here.


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