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Galveston Golf Cart Repair

Galveston Golf Cart Repair & Maintenance

It’s inevitable…if you own a golf cart in Galveston golf cart repair is in your future at some point. You likely follow maintenance requirements, but you simply can’t avoid repair or replacement parts. This is especially true since this is a very humid climate where rust can take over in just one season.

Keep your golf cart in an enclosed space when you aren’t using it, this will help avoid some of the rust issues. When the time comes, you have a few choices for repairs. If you need to rent a golf cart while yours is in for repair, consider a Galveston golf cart rental in the meantime.

galveston golf cart repair
Get a maintenance check once a year at your favorite local Galveston golf cart repair shop.

Galveston Golf Carts

Galveston Golf Carts offers sales, rentals, and golf cart repairs. They have a mobile service and service Galveston, Jamaica Beach, Bolivar Peninsula as well as all the way up to Southern Harris County.

A quote from their website indicates: “Our Mobile Golf Cart Repair Service will help you get back on the road with a quick, professional diagnosis by our factory-trained technicians. We guarantee our parts, and we charge competitive labor. We can work on most models, so call us today to get back on the road.”

Phone: 409-996-6189

Mister Golf Cart

Located in Galveston, Mister Golf Cart offers a full selection of golf cart parts and batteries and can service most makes including Club Car, EZ-GO, and Yamaha. Call for repair or replacement of:
Solenoids, Brakes, Bearings, Tires, Wheels, Switches, Batteries, Chargers, Wind Shields, Head Lights, Seats, Lift Kits, Upholstery, Speed Upgrades, Mirrors, Controllers, Reflectors, Brush Guards & Bumpers, Covers, Enclosures, Sun Shields, Steering Wheels, Dashboards, Diamond Plate , Fans, Rear Seats & Flip-flops, Rocker Panels and more.

Pickup and Delivery is available for all repairs & service. Service areas include Galveston Island Downtown and Galveston West End, Tiki Island, Bayou Vista, Omega Bay, Harborwalk and Crystal Beach.

Reach them at the Galveston location 409-763-8888 or on Tiki Island at 409-572-9220.

Southern Tide Golf Carts

Southern Tide is located on the west end of Galveston Island and provide golf cart repair, sales, and customizations to make your cart uniquely yours. Sound systems and lights are just a couple of ways to customize your cart.

If you need repair, call Southern tide for Galveston, Surfside, and Tiki Island. From small repairs to complete overhauls and any type of customization including lifts, back seat kits, specialty seating, paint, lighting, and stereo systems.

Call 409-632-7568 or 409-739-5095

How Do You Maintain A Golf Cart?

The type of DIY maintenance you need for your golf cart differs depending on whether you operate an electric or gas powered cart.

With an electric cart, of course you want to charge your batteries when you aren’t using the cart and be sure to check the water levels in the battery.

Aside from electrical systems, you would need to perform essential checks on both gas or electric powered golf carts.

Check the tire pressure once a month. This will help protect from uneven wear which can make them last even longer. This simple step can save money on future replacement costs.

Check the brakes at least once a year or anytime you think they may need service. Break service can include cleaning and adjusting the brake pads, drums, cables as well as the brake pedal.

Regardless of your own self maintenance, you should always have your golf cart professionally serviced at least once a year. Have a professional look at your steering, suspension, brakes, safety equipment and electrical system.

Taking good care of your golf cart is essential. You can customize it any way you want, but keeping the cart in good mechanical shape is what brings all the fun!

How Do I Diagnose A Golf Cart Problem?

If you aren’t sure what’s causing an issue, you can refer to your make and model repair guide and operation guide. If it’s beyond your troubleshooting and repair skills, then you definitely want to call a local repair shop. In most cases, they will come to you or pickup your cart for repair at their facility. There are several repair locations on the island listed above.

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