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Mother’s Day in Galveston

Mothers Day in Galveston

Throughout the world, the date for Mother’s Day and the celebrations vary. Traditionally in the U.S., gifts for mom include flowers, brunch or dinner, cards, jewelry, candy and maybe her favorite perfume. Most moms will tell you, they just want a day off! If that’s what your mom wants, you can arrange that for her too!

No matter if you are looking for something unique or something traditional, here are a few local spots to shop for mom as well as a few online ordering options.

Mother's Day Brunch in Galveston

Mother’s Day falls on a Sunday and you can always find a good Sunday brunch in Galveston. If you are thinking of taking mom out for breakfast or lunch then one of our local Mother’s Day buffets are perfect for the occasion, and that’s one way to show Mom how much she is appreciated.

Moody Gardens Logo

Moody Gardens Mother’s Day Buffet

Sunday May 8, 2022 serving from 11am – 3pm

Enjoy a delicious Mother’s Day Brunch at the Moody Gardens Hotel and Garden Restaurant featuring two spectacular buffets.

Check out the menus here! Seating times are scheduled for every 30 minutes, the price includes gratuity, tax is added at checkout.

The San Luis Resort

The San Luis Mother’s Day Buffet

Sunday May 8, 2022 serving from 11am – 3pm

Seating is every hour from 11am – 2pm, purchase tickets online and choose 11am, Noon, 1pm, or 2pm seating.

Let’s celebrate Mom with a delectable over-the-top brunch buffet and live butterfly release on the promenade lawn!

Grand Galvez

Grand Galvez Mother’s Day Buffet

Grand Galvez has a Sunday brunch, this one is special just for mom. Reservations recommended.

mothers day brunch Garten Verein

Mother’s Day Champagne Brunch 1880 Garten Verein

Celebrate Mom at the 48th Annual Galveston Historic Homes Tour! Held in the gorgeous 1880 Garten Verein, this festive brunch features individual seating for you and your group, a special gift, Mother’s day corsage, live music, and more. Tickets here.

Virginia Point Inn Galveston

High Tea at Virginia Point Inn

While it’s not brunch, it is a fun way to treat Mom to High Tea at this lovely local Inn. Virginia Point Inn is a charming 1907 home that offers 4 rooms, each with screened-in porches to enjoy morning coffee or a glass of wine. Blocks away from the cruise port and beaches, book your stay today!

Shop Local for Mother's Day in Galveston

Galveston has an amazing variety of retailers that offer all types of gifts for all types of Moms! Here are a few ideas.

Knapp Flower Shop
As they say on their website, “Flowers are never just flowers here! We’re not a stock photo flower shop. We never put a stem in a vase without considering the sender, recipient and the reason behind the order.”

Order some special flowers for mom from our local flower shop. They’ve picked out a few arrangements and you can see them online.

La King’s Confectionery
Get mom her favorite local treat from La Kings. You know the place, the throwback to the 1920’s when locals came out to enjoy a sweet and visit with each other. Take mom out to experience the atmosphere of days gone by, or pick up her favorites!

For the ultimate in unique gifts, look no further than Gracie’s, it’s the absolute perfect boutique offering everything from casual clothing, to home decor, candles and pampering accessories. Mom’s also appreciate the children’s section. These are quality items that are hard to find elsewhere. They’ve got a special page for Mother’s Day gifts.

Mercantile on the Strand
Mercantile on the Strand is a modern gift shop offering accessories, apothecary, jewelry, gifts, candles and home decor.

Chef Mary Bass / La Cocina
Closed on Sunday, but stop in on Saturday and pick up fresh heat and eat meals for the whole family. Tell mom you’ve got dinner covered on her special day. Trust me, mom will thank you!

Grand Galvez
Go all out and treat mom to an overnight stay, spa treatment, and then Sunday brunch. Better yet, tell mom you’ll join her!

Shop at Sunshine Center Mother’s Day Market on April 30th. This is a special event selling Mother’s Day baskets, ceramics, unique cards, and flower arrangements. A variety of vendors will be joining so you are sure to find something special for your mom this year.

Mother's Day History

Did you know that the woman responsible for getting Mother’s Day acknowledged as a national holiday later denounced it due to overwhelming commercialism? That’s right, in the U.S. the holiday was created by Anna Jarvis in 1908 and became an official holiday in 1914 when President Woodrow Wilson signed a measure officially establishing the second Sunday in May as Mother’s Day. Jarvis spent the latter part of her life trying to remove it from the calendar.

In the United States, Mother’s Day 2022 occurs on Sunday, May 8. Did you know that is the busiest day of the year for phone calls? Phone traffic increases as much as 35%, more than any other day of the year. So be sure to call your mom!

According to, the celebration of motherhood can be traced back to the ancient Greeks and Romans. They held festivals honoring the mother goddesses Rhea and Cybele.

However the modern example for Mother’s Day is an early Christian festival known as “Mothering Sunday,” which was once a major tradition in the United Kingdom and parts of Europe. The celebration was marked as the fourth Sunday in Lent, seen as a time when the faithful would return to their “mother church” for a special service.

The tradition eventually moved into a more secular celebration with children giving gifts of candy and flowers to their mothers. The custom faded in popularity until merging with the American Mother’s Day in the 1930-40s.

Mother's Day Traditions Around The World

Moms do so much for their families. It seems like every single day should be her special day, but then it wouldn’t be unique.

Many world cultures celebrate and honor mothers in different ways. It’s interesting to look at how other cultures celebrate Mother’s Day.

La Dia de la Madre is based on the ties of motherhood and traditional Mexican values, the first was celebrated on the 10th of May, 1922 and is  celebrated on May 10th every year in Mexico. Traditionally everyone goes out for lunch or dinner and restaurants are full. Much like the U.S., children honor their mothers with with gifts flowers and candies.

Mother’s Day in Peru is celebrated for an entire week. Families organize dinners, lunches, parties, and excursions throughout the week. Artistic and musical shows are common in bigger cities. Mothers often visit museums, exhibitions, and festivals for free during this week.

In Italy, it’s all about spending time with “mamma” on her day. Mother’s day is known as La Festa della Mamma in Italy and this is a day where she is pampered and appreciated more than any other time of the year.

La Festa della Mamma is celebrated on the second Sunday of every May. Celebrations are simple with family members gathering and indulging their moms. If you can’t get home to visit and celebrate, you must call. Giving cards is not very common but small gifts and fresh flowers as well as handwritten poetry are common in Italy. Typically the day ends with a dessert which is usually a heart shaped cake. The tradition is more about spending time with and pampering Mom!

Mother’s Day in Japan can be traced back to as early as 1913 with a halt during the war. Kids gift flowers to their mothers which are traditionally fresh red or pink carnations.

The carnations symbolize love and endurance in the Japanese culture. Children also gift mom by helping with household chores and preparing meals. Some of the popular Japanese dishes associated with mother’s day are the Tamagoyaki (a type of popular omelet) and Chawanmushi (a rich egg custard). Younger children get creative with handmade gifts, draw portraits of their moms, or create calligraphic gifts for their mothers.

Mother's Day Gift Online

Here are some online gift ideas for Mother’s Day. Hurry and order so you don’t have to pay extra for shipping to get it here on time!

Wine Club
A great idea if mom loves wine, they have a wine subscription gift.

Edible Arrangements
So many to chose from that are so delicious. The arrangements are special for mom, and always made fresh!

Godiva Chocolate
The best chocolate around. I used to give it to my mom when I was little, just so I could have a bite!

Mother's Day Crafts for Kids

Check out these unique handmade gifts that kids can make for mom. Who doesn’t love that? One thing we did as kids is make these coupon books.

Make Mom Coupons
Get the free coupons – A classic Mother’s Day craft for kids: A DIY coupon book! Redeemable for sweet favors like cleaning your room without being asked and free hugs that never expire, it’s the gift that keeps on giving. Download the entire book, pick up some crayons and get coloring!

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