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New Downtown Parking Rate in Effect

downtown street parking

Last month, the Galveston City Council voted to increase the hourly parking fee to $2.25/hour, and changed from free parking on Sunday in downtown to paid parking. The hourly rate increase and new paid parking on Sunday is changing in order to fund cleaning initiatives downtown. Many downtown businesses are happy about the change saying there is a great need for keeping the area trash cans from overflowing and causing trash to scatter on the sidewalk and street.

The new rates go into effect April 14. However, the new Sunday paid parking will not be enforced until the signs are updated to reflect the change. This Sunday April 17, which also happens to be Easter Sunday when many visitors will be on the island, paid parking downtown will not be required.

Galveston downtown parking rates

The vendor responsible for our downtown paid parking collection has just completed the price change, and the City is updating signs downtown now to reflect the parking fee changes. Customers will still use the Pay By Phone parking app to pay for parking at an hourly rate of $2.25 and a one-hour minimum.

Paid parking is in effect daily from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. The new parking rate doesn’t affect other paid parking areas, the change is only in the downtown area. There is a .20 cent transaction fee for those paying with Pay by Phone. There is not a transaction fee if they pay using the Pay Stations.

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