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Seawall Cuisine

Seawall Cuisine

Seawall Cuisine is partly Japanese food with fresh sushi and sashimi choices, and then partly Chinese entrees like General Tso’s Chicken, Beef and Broccoli, and Sesame Chicken. So far, they are getting good reviews. Here are a few:

“This place is inconspicuous. It’s not on the main drag but we were lucky enough to hear of their grand opening and thank goodness we did! “

“The crab rangoon were the best I have had in a while!”

“The Orange Chicken and the General Tso’s chicken were both delicious with fluffy white rice. They added all the condiments you could possibly want…”

“…will definitely order again! Ate it too fast for any pics.”

“I definitely urge you to give this new restaurant a try! [They] are making absolutely delicious sushi, and much more. They are eager to please their customers and serve up creative dishes …”

“Let’s support this new locally owned & operated business! We’ve really liked everything we’ve tried so far!!!”

“Amazing food and friendly staff. It’s nice to have a choice between sushi, ramen, plates of Asian cuisine and seafood. Everything is fresh and plentiful and I would highly recommend everyone to give this place a try.”

Located: 500 Seawall Blvd, Ste 220

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