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The Flower Garden Banks Installation at Seawolf Park

Flower Banks Art Seawolf Park

An Earth Day celebration and the opening of The Flower Garden Banks Installation at Seawolf Park is taking place on Saturday April 23.

This community-focused project, created by artist Eepi Chaad, is in partnership with the Galveston Park Board of Trustees and the team at Seawolf Park.

This exhibit celebrates the biodiversity of the sanctuary with a specific focus on bioluminescence, which refers to the phenomenon of emission of light by living organisms.

Many times throughout the year you can see this phenomenon occur in the surf, as organisms light up the edge of the water as it washes ashore. It’s a fascinating sight, and this should be a fascinating installation.

About the artist: Eepi Chaad is a practicing multidisciplinary artist, advocate, and naturalist who tells stories using textiles, fibers, metals, places, and people. Chaad’s work studies humanity’s relationship to both natural and built environments through time.

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