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Anderson Boat Lifts Galveston

Anderson Boat Lifts Galveston


Anderson Boat Lifts in Galveston, TX

Anderson Boat Lifts in Galveston builds boat lifts, boat cradles, sailboat lifts, jet ski cradles and platform lifts. They also install floating jet ski docks, cargo lifts, davits and much more.

New installations, repairs or alterations to an existing boat lift.

Serving Galveston Island including all of Galveston and Jamaica Beach. Off the island we serve Tiki Island and Bayou Vista.

West of Galveston we provide service to Freeport, Surfside, Bridge Harbor, Treasure Island. Headed North you’ll find us helping customers in Omega Bay, Texas City, Clear Lake and all areas in between.

Anderson and Sons Boat Lifts also provide routine maintenance contracts that with services for your boat and jetski lifts.

Anderson and Sons Boat Lifts also provide routine maintenance contracts that with services for your boat and jetski lifts.

  • Tighten the banding pile mount bolts
  • Tighten all drive belts
  • Tighten the roller chain
  • Inspect all cables for wear and replacement
  • Straighten the cable wraps when needed
  • Grease worm gears
  • Grease flat plate
  • Grease drive pipe bearings
  • Check sheaves for wear
  • Spray nylon bearings with lithium grease
  • Spray cable wraps with cable lube to prevent wear
  • Spray “non-covered” motors and switches with Boeshield for overall protection from the elements
  • Reattach any loose carpet on bunk boards to ensure safe steps
  • Check motor amp draw for optimal operation
  • Check voltage drop at electric outlet for lift for safety
Jetski Lifts Anderson Galveston

Anderson Boat Lifts are located in Galveston on Jamaica Beach Dr.

9289 Jamaica Beach Rd, Galveston, TX 77554 – Directions

Anderson Boat Lifts in Galveston can be reached by calling 409-737-3410

More About Boat Lifts

More questions about boat lifts from around the web:

How much weight can a boat lift hold?

Boat lifts can handle between 1,500lbs to 250,00lbs in the size of your boat capacity. When you determine your boat’s wet weight be sure to include fuel, water, the engines, your batteries and any additional items that you have added to the boat.

What does a boat lift cost?

For an elevator boat lift, the price ranges starting anywhere from $8000 up to $20,000 – or even more. If you have a pontoon boat or a custom boat then a specialized lift may be required which could definitely raise the cost.

How long does a boat lift last?

If you take care of your boat lift investment with regular maintenance, you can prevent wear and tear over time. While you may need to spend additional money on minor upkeep, you should be able to use your boat lift for 20 years or more.

Are boat lifts really worth the money?

Yes, consider the value they bring in protecting your boat. If you consider the additional expense and time resources that result from water damage and deterioration, your custom boat lift is well worth the investment.

Anderson Boat Lifts Galveston: Directions

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