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Become a Certified Nature Guide / Nature Ambassador

Galveston Island Nature Guide Certification

If you ever wanted to be a nature guide, or a an ambassador to nature tourism, now is your chance!

Galveston Island Nature Tourism Council offers certification courses. There are two Nature Tourism Certification Courses available, one for Nature Guides and one for Nature Ambassadors. 

The purpose of the program is to provide training for anyone interested in sharing nature information and conducting nature tours on Galveston Island.  The program is designed to create a key group of knowledgeable nature guides and ambassadors to help visitors, as well as residents, better understand and experience Galveston’s natural side.  

This program provides two distinct avenues of professional development.  

Certified Nature Guides will be able to provide in-depth knowledge of the natural systems of Galveston Island and the surrounding environs in field or classroom settings. 

Certified Nature Ambassadors will be able to provide summary-level information to Island visitors. 

Both levels of training will result in a better appreciation of the importance of conservation of our natural resources and wildlife habitat.

This program is administered by Galveston Island Nature Tourism Council. It has been developed with support from scientists, educators and Texas Master Naturalists with decades of knowledge in the natural systems of Galveston Island and the surrounding area.

The program is beneficial to visitor services and hotel employees, existing tour operators, entrepreneurs interested in starting a tour business, educators, master naturalists and nature tourism volunteers.

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