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There is no shortage of Galveston restaurants, and there is plenty of variety to be had. Galveston Island is home to many unique and creative culinary establishments. We even claim a few celebrity chefs in the mix!


The best part about the many great restaurants in Galveston is the unique menus and variety of dishes. Of course, the island’s location at the Gulf of Mexico means delicious fresh shrimp, fish, and seafood caught daily.

Want to know what’s so great about dining in Galveston? The large majority of restaurants on Galveston Island are not franchises or chains you find everywhere. Despite being host to millions of visitors every year, the locals on the island proudly support locally owned and operated restaurants.

While you will find some fast food options with a few chains bought and operated by a local, the large majority are small businesses with very good food!

Seafood Restaurants in Galveston

Plenty of local seafood options offer a catch of the day. Some of the best seafood choices are:
Rudy and Paco’s
Katie’s Seafood
Shrimp N Stuff Downtown
Black Pearl
Nick’s Seafood
Fish Tales
Cajun Greek

You can certainly find all the variety you need in these local Galveston seafood restaurants. You’ll be impressed The food is good at any of these locations.

Fine Dining is a great choice when you want to celebrate, do something different, or just dress up a little and treat yourself to a perfect evening.

Galveston Fine Dining

Rudy & Paco Restaurant & Bar
Varga’s Cut & Catch
The Steakhouse – Inside The San Luis Resort
Shearn’s Seafood and Prime Steaks – Inside Moody Gardens Resort
Number 13

Pizza and Italian Restaurants in Galveston

When most people think of pizza, the quick delivery chains come to mind. Don’t limit yourself.

When you visit the island, get yourself some real italian pizza. You’ll find some of the best pizza and best Italian food in Galveston. Here are a few places you want to try.

Gino’s Italian Restaurant
Mama Teresa’s Flying Pizza
Papa’s Pizza
Mario’s Italian Restaurant
Trattoria La Vigna
Russo’s New York Pizzeria

Uniquely Local Restaurants in Galveston

Star Drug Store
Mosquito Cafe
Miller’s Seawall Grill
The Spot
Nate’s West End
Leon’s BBQ
Mi Abuelitas

The Best Breakfast in Galveston

Mi Abuelitas
The Gumbo Diner
Tremont Cafe – Inside Tremont Hotel
Homecut Donuts
Mel’s Blueplate Diner

Also of course is the standard fare of IHOP, Denny’s and Waffle House. They are all here.

Brunch in Galveston

Brunch in Galveston is the perfect way to start the day when you want to sleep in and you wake up hungry.
Find Galveston restaurants serving brunch including:
Galvez Bar & Grill, Gumbo Diner, Hearsay On The Strand, Maceo Spice & Import Company, Porch Cafe, Yaga’s and Mosquito Cafe…and that’s just a few of them.

Mexican Restaurants in Galveston

When you are ready for some truly authentic Mexican dishes, this region has genuine family recipes served all around. Mexican food in Galveston is some of the best and many of the mexican restaurants in Galveston are family owned and have been here for decades. Get ready for a long list in this category.
Mi Abuelitas
Nopalera Grill
Apache Mexican Cuisine
Bambu Mexican Grill
Original Mexican Cafe
Los Compas Taqueria & Mexican
La Mixteca Mexican Restaurant
Brewchachos Tacos & Cantina Galveston
Taqueria Melchor Ocampo
El Jardin Restaurant
El Nopalito
Los Primos Cafe
Henry’s Mexican Restaurant

Okay we only just began with that list. Look for an expanded version soon!

No matter what you are in the mood for, the many restaurants in Galveston have something for everyone. The local restaurants are the best, which one is your favorite?